Incentives & summits abroad

Exchange of Information

A measure of how well a conference has succeeded is how much information a participant has absorbed and taken along with him.
Assuring perfect integration of your visual identity into all presentations, providing clear navigation through the conference venue and finding the right rythm for your programme is our specialty.


An equally important point is networking. We have numerous ways to help you break the ice and make people meet and match. What is more satisfying than going home from your convention or conference with an addressbook full of new contacts ?

Think outside the box

Make your conference different ! Make it stand out ! Make it memorable ! Brainstorm with our creative team and elaborate the vast possibilities there are.

Venue finding

Latitude has been working with all major event venues in Brussels and Benelux. We help you find the right venue for your event.

Social media & PR

Often neglected but a must for each event: Our media team capture the moments and messages that help you make a buzz before, during and after the event.

Smooth execution

Your place is with the participants. Our place is behind the scene. Just like the conductor of an orchestra we play your tune.

Discover a selection of possible destinations and programmes

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