Porto, Portugal - A great incentive destination

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A view of Porto from the opposite riverbank A view of Porto from the opposite riverbank Daniel de Wolff

Our impression from the Great Hotels of the World Forum in Porto:

Porto´s second biggest city, mostly known for port wine and the steel bridge built by Gustave Eiffel a few years ago, is well worth a visit.

The old city remains immaculately untouched. No concrete 1970 office tower spoils the scene. Instead narrow medieval and classic brick towers crawl up the steep slopes of the river valley. A perfect scene to produce an historical film.
The financial crisis that Portugal is currently struggling with manifests itself in the many for sale signs on decrepit houses all over the city. The fact that the city needs thorough refurbishing adds patina and flair that increases the overall fascination for this city.
Striking is the complete absence of McDos, Zaras, Carrefours and other global brands inside the old city. It seems as if globalisation has not reached this area yet. One feels transported into the previous century, a time when cities were still different one from the other.

Porto offers a variety of top event locations. The most impressive one is the old stock exchange. It is a manifest of the cities vast former wealth.
Old porto warehouses are also attractive alternatives. Otherwise, if those are too small you might want to privatise the Porto football stadium.

Activities range from porto tastings to boat trips up and down the river, sailing cruises on the nearby ocean or trips in and around the city.

The food was not impressive though. If you like bacalao with every meal, however, you will be in heaven. The red and white Duoro wines are quite interesting and are a good alternative to the omnipresent port wine.

Transportation to Porto is easy. There are direct regular and low cost flights from all European capitals.

Porto: We loved it ! Highly recommended !

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