Event tip: View crowds as if they were liquid !

City of Shadows by Alexey Titarenko City of Shadows by Alexey Titarenko

The idea of treating crowds like liquid came to us when watching movies in time lapse.
This methodology will allow for a much greater throughput at a much smaller event venue while still giving the same experience to each of your visitors.

Try it out:

1. Think of your venue as a riverbed into which your crowd flows. Sketch out the event with the help of a schedule and a storyboard.

2. Make sure there is enough retainer space when you have people stop for a welcome, food, or a speech.

3. Create clear signage: People should know where they are supposed to go next

4. Leave no options: You don´t want to have people break out of your dedicated zones. Avoid chaos and bottlenecks by clearly fencing off your riverbed.

5. Now create the stations where you can interact with your guests. A welcome desk, a greeting area, the buffet, etc

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